to our customers and since the launch of our Nationwide Pallet delivery service we have sought to design an improved service for our retail customers , that has a better standard of service than has been historically delivered by our industry . During the last 12 months we have received some very pleasing comments from customers about our pellets but more importantly about how we have handled problems that have occured . These have in the majority of cases centred around the delivery "experience" . The main causes of problems are pallet weight , manifesting itself either via the wrong vehicle (to large) being sent or due to driver or site conditions causing problems.

In additon to the above issues there is a change in safety guidance being implemented by the Health and Safety Executive which will result in maximum pallet weight that can be handled by a delivery driver, being reduced from 1,000 Kg to 750 Kg. Hence we have sought to "kill two birds with the same stone" and are switching to a 720 Kg (of product) pallet. This move is too both improve our service delivery and  remain compliant with latest HSE guidance. Unfortunutely this will lead to a 5 to 7% increase in the cost of our products due to the increased delivery cost .For more details , existing customers should contact Bruno and Louisa on 01384 413321.