Here’s a few tips aimed at keeping you and your boiler happy and harmonious. We are more than just your fuel provider. Think of us as your biomass energy Agony Uncle (or Aunt)  

Phoenix, the honeymoon is over, the dust has settled and my boiler is not as efficient as it was two years ago. What can you do to help?

Everyone likes to feel special. Your silo does too. When was the last time you treated your silo to a clean?

It’s not as glamorous as collecting your RHI payments, but the industry recommends giving commercial silos a clear and clean once a year. This will remove unwanted dust and fines to get your boiler burning cleaner and more efficiently. We can even organise a delivery of pellets for the next day, so your boiler is off for the shortest time possible.

We can include silo cleans as part of long term fuel contracts, or as a stand alone service. Have a word with one of our team to enquire.

My existing supplier doesn’t seem interested in hearing what I have to say. Where is the communication?

We realise that no two biomass installations are the same. They all have their unique demands which can only be met by us understanding your needs. Meet our pre-service questionnaire

Before your first delivery, we will take the time to identify weight limits, width and height restrictions, noise concerns and special requirements. You’ll feel like you’ve known us for years come your delivery.

This relationship has been nothing but a headache! I’m the only one that does any work around here. Checking this, monitoring that. This was supposed to be easy!

We will keep an eye on things like your silo health and pellet reserves for peace of mind.

Whenever we deliver by bulk blow, we complete site delivery checks to give you independent feedback on the maintenance status of your silo.

We can also notify you when you’re running low on fuel with our ‘never run out’ guarantee.

Choose between AM and PM deliveries too. Just one less thing to worry about.


Want to know more?

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