Did you also know, that a store should only be cleaned by a competent professional, using specialist equipment?


Then here’s how Phoenix can help.

Our professional team has the training and equipment to safely empty and clean the store for you. We can even organise a delivery of pellets for the next day, so your boiler is off for the shortest time possible. Phoenix will provide all of the required safery equipment coupled with Risk Assessments and associated Method Statements.

Case Study :  Recently we had a customer with an auger breakdown that meant they could not use the pellets in the store before a clean.

This wasn’t a problem as we are able to provide a large vacuum truck that removed all of the pellets prior to us enetering the store to begin cleaning

 Phoenix Silo Clean             

Image 1 - Hopper part full with stock               Image 2 - Pellets removed ready for clean

The project began with the removal of 4 ton of existing pellet stock to allow the cleaning crew access to the hopper and auger

When the hopper was empty of pellets, the crew entered to begin the clean


Image 3 - Crew cleaning the hopper                Image 4 - Hopper cleaned and ready for engineers

Image 5 - Hopper and boiler room all clean and ready for engineers to visit and assess problem

Job Done!

 If you have a silo which needs a clean or a major overhaul , call Phoenix on 01384 413321 and press 2 for Sales.