Phoenix Wood Pellets belong to a family of wood pellet based products manufactured by Intervate from sustainably sourced wood at their pellet plant in the heart of the Black Country.

Intervate are a specialist biomass company who produce wood pellets for use in:

- Pet Bedding
- Biomass Combined Heat & Power Systems

We have been turning Biomass into useful products and energy since 2008 and pride ourselves on providing services that are environmentally sustainable and offer good value to our customers. The business is owned and managed by the Directors and 30 investors.

Phoenix and its sister products share a common design philosophy which can be summarised as follows:

- Quality
- Value
- Sustainability and minimal environmental impact
- Innovation
- Service

The achievement of these goals is delivered by a small team of focussed individuals who are always ready to listen to your feedback on how we can improve our products and service.